OSV _ ECO  | Environmentally friendly crafted conversion.

OSV _ ECO | Environmentally friendly crafted conversion.

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Custom conversion vans are purpose built to get you off grid and to connect with nature. And we can all do our part to protect nature. Outside Van has worked hard to use materials and processes that are environmentally sound and goes the extra mile with its custom ECO van. Outside Van is stoked to have earned a coveted Greenguard certification for its ECO van. The Greenguard certification program helps buyers know and trust that the interior products and materials have low chemical emissions to improve air quality. To meet the stringent requirements, the Outside Van design team sought out materials like bamboo and hemp fabric for the interior, even the adhesive is eco-friendly. The interior products are from certified eco-friendly companies including: WilsonArt®, Paperstone, Fastbond™ and Webstro.

Eat, sleep, relax and store your toys in Outside Van’s ECO van, a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 144 2500 with the added bonus of trust from the Greenguard certification. This van is well-designed to include the comforts needed from a full-on day of enjoying the outdoors such as, mountain biking or hiking. The ECO van features a medium galley kitchen with drop down sink and induction cook top, complete with WilsonArt® matte gun metal grey laminate storage cubbies. The solid wood overhead cabinet also is WilsonArt® matte gun metal grey laminate and the countertop is Slate Paperstone. To make the best use of the space, the bamboo table is removable. To sleep or relax the ECO van has the Outside Van roll-over bench sleeping system. Storing toys and gear is easy with well-designed space including Outside Van’s Magic Hanging Storage Basket and Exoskeleton cabinet. To relax in comfort the Webasto Duel Top Diesel Hydronic Heat system keeps the cabin at a cozy temperature and hot water. And whether to clean yourself or your gear, the ECO van has a rear hot/cold shower mixer. All this and the peace of mind of a GreenGuard certification, the ECO van is built to manifest joy.

Outside Van has been building vans for close to 20 years – each van is a self-contained unit to get you outside, explore the world and connect with nature. Our vans let you go on adventures with all your favorite things – family, dog, gear. So simple, easy and free. Outside Van is your freedom machine to move with the weather, stay in the moment and have everything you need. Get out in nature, unplug, recharge and sleep well. Nature is where the best inspiration comes, where we get to be our authentic selves.

Located near the Columbia River Gorge in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Outside Van is at 981 NW Corporate Drive, Troutdale, OR, USA. Find out more on our website: www.outsidevan.com. You can contact us at [email protected] or at 800.971.8830.