Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency

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Auxilium (AUX) is the coin of philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global.

AUX has it’s own platform, which means an independent blockchain and network, and offers unique and innovative code plus a meaningful and necessary concept.

Auxilium is built with the Proof of Authority consensus which has many advantages over traditional POW and POS coins and tokens. Auxilium POA is one of a kind and is more secure, environmentally friendly, fast and fair than many.

On top of that we also have a unique rewards platform. The Auxilium Interest Distibution (AID) Platform distributes a monthly interest to users over the blockchain without the need of environmentally and user unfriendly mining and staking. No need to keep your pc on while trying to gain rewards. 8% annual reward.

Furthermore, because Auxilium is also a platform, it is built to offer smart contract, dapp and token creation.

With the use of our innovative technology we aim to solve the worlds ills. Using our unique blockchain technology to support and create philanthropic project to do good around the globe.

Our motto: Invest. Earn. Share.