Benefits of Biogas to Dairy Farms 5p/litre on Milk DairyEnergy

Benefits of Biogas to Dairy Farms 5p/litre on Milk DairyEnergy

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Benefits of Biogas.
The advantage of Biogas to Dairy Farms is that an anaerobic digestion plant can raise Milk Value By 5p/litre for 80 plus sized Cow Herds.

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At DairyEnergy, they have calculated that using the dairy slurry of many UK dairy farms on that farm, the addition of a Biogas AD plant, can increase milk value by up to 5p per litre.

Furthermore, this additional income continues for 20 years, once an on-farm biogas plant has been installed and commissioned.


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By producing green energy non-stop, these farms will not be at risk of ever-increasing energy costs.

Also, by using the slurry already available on the farm, there’s no additional noise or odour from the supply of additional crops, surplus or waste.

The slurry is produced locally, with no hidden transportation costs or emissions, is renewable and available for free.

The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants from their partners, Biolectric, are designed specifically for dairy farms and run ONLY on slurry, so there’s no need for any other additional crops.

The farm business chooses to invest as they have the resources and it suits the farm.

They’ll benefit from a choice of funding routes, and from UK Government Funded schemes such as the Feed in Tariff (FIT) [if approved before March 2019] and Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) as well as reduced cost, or even FREE, heat and electricity for use on the farm.

The farmer will find the plant can be a useful credential for the farm. Supply chain partners may approve of the use of green energy, due to likely positive reactions from many investors.

The reduction of the farm’s carbon footprint, and the reduction of methane in the atmosphere, that the addition of a Biogas (AD) plant will create, will also assist global efforts to limit the severity of climate change.

Fully funded MICRO ANAEROBIC BIOGAS SYSTEMS solutions may be available according to DairyEnergy. Suitable farms need to produce at least 1,500 m3 of liquid manure per year.

That’s a minimum of just 80 dairy cows.

About 200 m2 of space on the farm will be needed for the biogas plant footprint.

Please check all the information provided here by visiting the DairyEnergy website.




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