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Children’s Quiet Book, Busy Book, Eco friendly, soft book, cloth book – MiniMom’s –

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Quiet Book, Busy Book, Eco friendly, educational – 12 pages

Quiet active book made of cloth is recommended for children from 1 year old. It consists of 7 sheets. On every of 12 pages there are different kinds of clasps:
The hardcover of the quiet active book also contains developing elements on Velcro, mini maze with a ladybird, buttons and ribbons. You can enter any title of the book.
Textile developing book is fastened by plenty of stitches inside. After production all details and the cover itself are checked in endurance. After washing the soft book doesn’t lose its shape. Thick pages allow putting the book upright and let babies view its interesting content and encourage the development of hands.
The toy develops:
-fine motor skills
-spatial imagination
-logical thinking
-mathematical and creative skills
The ideas of pages also allow learning main colors, main geometrical shapes, figures and count.
With the help of this book you can vividly demonstrate to your child the following ideas: from big to small, short and long, little- middle-sized- big.
It’s a great present for a baby for the first, second or third Birthday!
Every ordered quiet textile active book is unique. Design and ideas of the book’s pages can vary depending on availability of working material and wish of the customer.