Cleaning up heating isn't being ignored

Cleaning up heating isn’t being ignored

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Cleaning up heating isn’t an area of decarbonisation that’s being ignored.

That’s the verdict from Maria Spyrou, Energy Efficiency Manager at Balfour Beatty, and Jo Burton, Energy Analyst at the University of Reading, who spoke to ELN Editor Sumit Bose at Energy Live Expo 2018.

Ms Spyrou said gas has historically been a cheaper fuel and seen as being less carbon intensive than alternatives, at least on paper.

She suggested this has led to potential savings and reductions being forgotten in favour of reducing electricity use, which she claims is seen by many as a more environmentally intensive option.

Ms Burton used old steam network with gas fired boilers and CHP, decarbonmising heat is the new conmversation, exciting to see where it goes, in terms of energy effieicny heat has long been on the agenda

environmental concerns massively high on student’s interests. important to be sustainable, if they are given plastic cup they will take to social media to complain.

important to remember other important things such as turning lights off

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