Contractor State License Board License Examination Study Guide - Construction Entrepreneurs

Contractor State License Board License Examination Study Guide – Construction Entrepreneurs

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Publisher information for reference books and code
is provided below. Other sources for reference
books may be found online. California code books
can be viewed online:

2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for
Residential and Nonresidential Buildings. (Title
24 “cool roofs”) California Energy Commission.
PHONE: (916) 654-5200

2016 California Building Code. California Code of
Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council.
PHONE: (800) 786-4452

Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Manual for
Moderate Climate Regions. Tile Roofing
PHONE: (425) 778-6162

NRCA/ARMA Manual of Roof Maintenance and
Repair and NRCA/ARMA Repair Manual for
Low-Slope Membrane Roof Systems. Asphalt
Roofing Manufacturers Association.
PHONE: (202) 207-0917

NRCA Roofing Manual: Architectural Metal
Flashing, Condensation Control and Reroofing
NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof
Systems (2015).
NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF
Roof Systems (2016).
NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-Slope Roof
Systems (2017).
National Roofing Contractors Association.
PHONE: (847) 299-9070

State of California General Industry & Electrical
Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA) and State of
California Construction & Electrical Safety
Orders (Cal/OSHA). 2015. California Code of
Regulations, Title 8. Mancomm.
PHONE: (877) 626-2666

WSRCA Roofing Details Manual. Western
States Roofing Contractors Association.
PHONE: (800) 725-0333

*Publisher information is current as of 1/17*

Tyrone Jones, Director/Instructor
Tyrone Jones is a licensed California contractor that holds classifications of A License, B License, C-08 License and owner of several partnered construction companies throughout California.

His background includes working as a labor moving to working foreman to coordinator to superintendent to Owner of his first construction company. As owner he also offered his services as a consultant to other larger contractors. As Tyrone decided to settle down within the establish businesses he wanted to do more consulting and helping in the industry. So he focus his attention on managing several companies and building the school you see now.

As a Teacher, Mentor, Business Owner, Contractor, and present Director of the Construction Entrepreneurs Schools, he brings enthusiasm, practical experience, a vast knowledge of construction, and years of estimating and teaching experience to thousands of construction professionals.

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