Easy Green Energy Smoothie

Easy Green Energy Smoothie

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Easy Green Energy Smoothie

Hi, I’m Kelly with Bodyfly Fitness and today we are going to be making an easy green energy smoothie.

The ingredients we are going to use are as follows; coconut water, a banana, an orange, ice, spirulina in powder form and organic baby spinach.

I like to add the liquid first, so start by adding one cup of coconut water followed by one cup of crushed or cubed ice. Benefits of the coconut water are many; it supplies hydration, it is low in calories and sugar and it gives your smoothie a nice sweet flavor.

Then add one half of a banana which is a great source of potassium and magnesium.

Next, add in one whole peeled orange. Oranges are great for vitamin c, provides natural energy and also helps boost the immune system.

Then add in the organic baby spinach. I don’t measure how much spinach I add, I usually just grab a heaping handful. I add greens in every smoothie I make as it gives me my daily supply of greens which is full of vitamins, minerals and a natural source of calcium.

And, last but not least, add in a half a tablespoon of spirulina which helps boost the immune system and your energy levels.
Blend all that up in your Vitamix or Blendtec and enjoy this wonderful natural easy green energy smoothie!