Explaining Climate Facts - 3/3 - Adaptation & Mitigation

Explaining Climate Facts – 3/3 – Adaptation & Mitigation

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Episode 3 – Adaptation and mitigation
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Climate change has already had clear impacts on natural and human systems. Over the coming decades, based on the various scenarios of emission of greenhouse gases, the range with which climate can change is quite wide, and depends on policy decisions that we take now.

The risk of negative impacts results from the interaction between the climate-related hazards and the vulnerability and exposure of both natural systems and human populations.

The precise level of climate change that would trigger abrupt and irreversible change remains uncertain, but the higher the global temperature gets, the more risk there is.

How can we, as individuals, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

As individuals we can substantially lower our carbon footprint and emissions by changing our lifestyle : diet habits, reducing food waste, and modifying our consumption patterns such as our demand for mobility and modes of transportation, energy use in households, and choosing longer‐lasting products. Such changes in behaviour may improve energy efficiency by up to 20 to 30 % already in 2030 and in developed countries, by up to 50% by mid‐century.
The decisions and actions that are taken now will have a long-lasting impact on the climate. At a political level or in our daily lives, we can make a difference.