Fortum corporation Waste to energy Sustainablity solution

Fortum corporation Waste to energy Sustainablity solution

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By Luay Ajaj

Making more from waste
Fortum is a forerunner in the utilization of municipal and industrial waste as fuel.

Fortum has developed a service concept for utilizing municipal and industrial waste effectively in generating heat and electricity. Fortum has extensive experience in waste-to-energy generation.

Fortum´s goal is to ensure that its operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. Separating waste at the source and a high degree of recycling are both important. Utilising waste as a resource for heat and electricity production is a good alternative for reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

The waste incineration directives in the EU countries are regulating the waste-to-energy production very tightly, and the emission limits set for waste-to-energy are much stricter than for other fuels
Waste to energy advantages

​Fortum prioritises working in close cooperation with municipalities and industrial customers in developing waste-to-energy projects. The focus is on optimising the entire chain, from waste generator, through waste management company and municipality to energy producer and seller, and finally to energy end-users.

We have adopted a flexible approach to the various technologies that are available for generating energy from waste. Always selecting the one best suited for each individual project. Technologies that are robust and have proven track record in terms of environmental performance, operational reliability, and competitiveness, are preferred.

Waste separated at the source is the preferred starting point. The bulk of the household waste, for example, can be used for generating energy, after metal, glass, hazardous waste, and other non-combustible material have first been sorted out.