Go Power RV Solar Panels 34276119 Review - etrailer.com

Go Power RV Solar Panels 34276119 Review – etrailer.com

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Speaker 1: Today we’re taking a look at the Go Power Flush Mount 30 Amp PWM, Digital Solar Controller with the USB Port. Now this digital solar controller will maintain the life of the battery by preventing over-charging. The controller will regulate the current flow from your solar panels to your batteries.Does use a temperature compensated PWM, which is pulse with modulation charging. Does use three battery charging profiles: sealed gel, AGM and flooded and it has four stage charging: bulk, absorption, float and equalize.It has a nice back-lit LCD screen, which will display your charging current, battery voltage and the battery state of charge. Does use the MPBT, which is maximum power boost technology, this will let you manually bulk charge at any stage of the charge cycle. Does use dual-bank battery charging.Right up front here, has a nice built-in USB charge port right there.

On the back it does use heavy duty terminals to provide low resistance connections. It does have battery reverse polarity protection, solar ray reverse polarity protection, also over temperature and over current protection.It’s very easy to install, it’s flush mountable, includes the mounting screws to install it. Comes with a nice users manual, describes how it operates.Now this is compatible with the Go Power Overlander, the Retreat, the Solar Flex, the 80 watt Eco-Solar kit and portable solar kits. It is suitable for 12 volt solar systems up to 488 watts. Nominal system voltage is 12 volts, operating consumption is 6mA amps, display consumption is 10mA amps.

Operating temperature on this is negative 40 degrees fahrenheit up to 185 degrees fahrenheit.And the last thing I want to do is just give you a measurement on this. Overall length of it end to end is right at seven and a half inches, height top to bottom is four and a quarter inches tall, and the total depth on it, it’s gonna be right out one and three eighths inches deep.That should do it for the review on the Go Power Flush Mount 30 Amp PWM Digital Solar Controller, with the USB Port.