How a Turbocharger Works | Garrett Technologies | Garrett - Advancing Motion

How a Turbocharger Works | Garrett Technologies | Garrett – Advancing Motion

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Turbos are fundamental to addressing the auto industry’s most pressing challenges. They dramatically improve combustion process efficiency, enhance vehicle performance and help reduce emissions. No wonder more than 140 million Garrett turbos currently boost cars and trucks around the world.

Turbos utilise exhaust gases to power a turbine wheel, which is connected via a shaft to a compressor wheel. As the two wheels turn, large amounts of ambient air are sucked in and compressed. This air is passed through a charge-air cooler to further increase its density before it enters the engine. Turbocharged engines generate more power than naturally-aspirated engines of the same size. And the combustion process becomes more efficient. Furthermore, this helps reduce emissions and enhance the driving experience.


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