Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin III

Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin III

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This is the 3rd video of a 3 video series about installing solar panels in our small off grid cabin in the woods. We give a top level overview of the system and give some other general pointers if you want to install your own medium size solar setup. The install isn’t quite finished but I’m tired of making videos about solar and want to move onto other topics. Thank you for watching!

First Video In Series:

Second Video in Series:

0:28 Story About Friend Getting Buried Alive in Snow
1:17 Clearing Snow Off Panels
1:32 Why I put Panels on the Roof
1:51 Intro and Hello
2:05 Technical Overview of System
2:48 Generator Input
4:10 Battery Monitoring System
4:35 Why DC Power
4:45 What Can You Power off This System
5:13 Why Oversize Your System
5:24 How to Select Your System Voltage
6:00 Why You Should go Higher than 12 Volt
7:22 Where to Buy Solar Stuff
7:55 Preview of Next Video
8:08 View From The Top of Our Land

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