Khattarnaak Air Pollution | Delhi ft Sahil Khattar

Khattarnaak Air Pollution | Delhi ft Sahil Khattar

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Aa dekhe zara, kiske phephdo mai kitna hai dum. 💪

Accha seriously, dum ho ya na ho, we have this pollution ka solution which you can get TODAY-

I’m talking about the Dettol SiTi Shield N99 Mask

– Air Quality Index in Delhi has shot past 900. It can reduce your capacity by 1/2 a lung. Kuch zyada he khattarnaak :O

– It provides military grade protection, it’s washable and comes in 4 sizes & colors/designs. Jitna bada muh, utna zyada protection

– The milatary grade mask gives 99% PM 2.5 filtration

#ShieldYourLungs and buy Dettol Siti Shield N99 mask for you and your family today.

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