Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier: Hang, Travel, Protect

Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier: Hang, Travel, Protect

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Premium quality hair deserves a premium quality home. Made with 100% hemp canvas and a 100% bamboo hanger, the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier is chic, functional, and environmentally-friendly.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, the ultra-resilient fabric will ensure your Luxies are safely stored to prevent tangling and damage. Get carried away, wherever life takes you!

100% Hemp Canvas:

While most carriers on the market are made from plastic, our Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier is made from 100% hemp canvas, so it’s exceptionally strong and durable. Unlike cotton which stretches out and loses its shape easily, hemp is much more resistant to wear and tear. Along with being built to last, it’s also good for the environment. A natural, sustainable, and renewable resource, it only requires half the amount of water to grow as cotton. Turns out you can look good and do good at the same time.

100% Bamboo Hanger:

Unlike conventional hangers which are made of wood or plastic, we’ve made our hangers out of bamboo. The fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo is a renewable resource that’s more sustainable than wood, but just as strong.


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