Mandala Homes- Parade of Homes

Mandala Homes- Parade of Homes

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View a selection of our custom home projects. Prefab, faceted round custom homes all over the USA and Canada.

At Mandala Homes, we proudly design and build home packages that are ENERGY STAR Certified, prefab, round, custom and intended to last for many generations. We ship projects all over the US and Canada.

Our in-house design studio conducts a solar study on all projects. Using state of the art technology, our designer can conduct this study anywhere. The information gathered in a solar study shows the position of the sun in relationship to the height of the windows and width of the overhangs, this information enables the designer and homeowner to make informed choices that contribute to the long-term energy efficiency and comfort of the home. This is a simple and powerful task that is crucial to do in the design stage of a homebuilding project.

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For those craving a new home, Mandala Custom Homes provides unique dwellings that are meaningful, healthy and energy efficient. Our guarantee that your new home will be more comfortable than a standard home comes from the experience of building British Columbia’s first ENERGY STAR certified home in 2011. Mandala Custom Homes’ full design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise. After creating a fully customized design, your expertly crafted home package is shipped directly to your site where it is assembled and finished to rest in place for many generations to come.

Purchasing a Mandala Custom Home can support your change to a more comfortable and relaxing lifestyle along with low monthly energy costs and architecture that nourishes the soul. Our work is rooted in traditional design principles combined with performance-based building technology. We have a clear dedication to listen carefully to you so we can design and build the custom home of your dreams.

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