Mavitec Green Energy's Paddle Depacker with highest throughput

Mavitec Green Energy’s Paddle Depacker with highest throughput

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Clearly food waste is a bigger problem than we might think. This has inspired Mavitec Green Energy to find structural solutions for handling food waste. We developed a new and innovative system for organic waste management: the Kerbside Waste Recycling Line. This Recycling Line consists of a Paddle Depacker. A compact, high-capacity machine, which enables to treat urban waste from the ‘Brown Container’.

We recently installed a Paddle Depacker in the UK and the throughput of restaurant & shop return waste was impressive: 22 tons in 55 minutes!

The Paddle Depacker produces a clean organic product of more than 99%(!) by separating the organic material from the packaging. With its simple and low maintenance design and quick opening doors for easy cleaning the Paddle Depacker distinguishes itself from other systems. It is an enhanced and high capacity de-packing solution!

Main advantages of the Paddle Depacker:
• Solves food waste and recycling challenges
• Produces more than 99% clean organic material suitable for biogas installations
• Handles up to 30 m3 per hour depending on material composition
• Is an enhanced and high capacity de-packing solution
• Offers a green technology solution in the food waste problem