Mealworm Pollution 2018 Part #1546 27

Mealworm Pollution 2018 Part #1546 27

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Welcome to Dermestids-Canada, a Channel dedicated to Timelapses of my various insect colonies, mostly beetle related, such as
Dermestids [Dermestes, Attagenus species] and Mealworms [Tenebrio molitar]. I also used to in the past keep and make Ant Related Content.

Mealworm Pollution:

Mealworm Timelapses:
Fall 2018

Winter 2018 Pt 1

Mealworm Bin 2018

Greek Playlist: Dermestids Καναδάς Χρονόπληκτος αποικίας μεσοσκώληκας

Attagenus unicolor:
Fall/Winter 2017 [The Start-Off of “Dermestids-Canada”]

Early 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

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