Mohammed Hijab V David Wood, Takfir, Sharia Law, Hadith's, Global Warming and speaker's corner.

Mohammed Hijab V David Wood, Takfir, Sharia Law, Hadith’s, Global Warming and speaker’s corner.

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Sorry I fell 😴😴😴 was da debate interesting.

Who won?

Anyway sum speaker’s corner lot n some very dodgy organisations have sprung up in the UK, headed by some geezer’s wid big beard’s repn 4 Prophet Mohammed my ancestor n keep declaring Takfir on other muslim’s

Takfir = Muslim declaring another Muslim a kufr🤔, Kufr or kafir = infidel, non believer.

Silly I know🤔🤔🤔, seeing there all confused.

Da only person not included in this category is Omar from speaker’s corner cos he is a top bruda, and has an open mind which leads 2 an open heart. Big up. 👌👌👌

I’ll see you 2nite Sharon we need 2 make sum amendments 2 your bra size.😂🤣😂..