Newlight Technologies: Pollution to Plastic

Newlight Technologies: Pollution to Plastic

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There’s a revolution that’s happening right behind the doors of Newlight Technologies, a company that is working to transform greenhouse gases into the products you buy everyday.

“Reverse the flow of carbon. Change the world” is one of their trademarked phrases. Their hope is to reduce the amount of carbon in the air and help replace oil-based plastics.

Newlight’s process uses methane captured from dairy farms and landfills, then mixes it with air and a patented biocatalyst to create a plastic material called AirCarbon. The process was also inspired by nature’s own carbon-capturing process.

While plastics are commonly made out of fossil fuels, this technology allows for products like chairs, cell phone cases, and bottles to be made directly from AirCarbon.

Reporter Cara Santa Maria takes us on a tour inside the facility and interviews Newlight’s CEO for more about AirCarbon technology in this episode of “SoCal Connected.”

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