Official Launch of Eco - Friendly Portland Limestone Cement

Official Launch of Eco – Friendly Portland Limestone Cement

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CMS Cement Division launched its new eco-friendly product – Portland Limestone Cement (PLC). Taking almost 2 years to develop, the PLC is manufactured by grinding a special blend of clinker, gypsum and high-quality limestone under stringent quality control, ground to a higher fineness resulting in better water retention, cohesiveness and higher workability in mortar and concrete, making the PLC a highly versatile product that will give its users multiple benefits such as better workability, smoother finishing, improved cohesiveness, reduced bleeding, easy to mix, improved slump retention and good flowability. With a strength class of 32.5N, it is targeted for low-rise concrete structures while its high workability and plasticity, makes the PLC ideal for plastering, bricklaying and is less susceptible to cracks during its drying process. It can also be used for construction of drains and rural or kampong roads.