Online - The Carbon Footprint of The Internet

Online – The Carbon Footprint of The Internet

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Learn about the carbon footprint of your website and the internet. Become Conscious. Make an Impact. Be Rewarded.

This is Alice.

If you were standing next to her, you would be about as tall as her hand.

We are here to talk to you about your website’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s right! Even your virtual self has a carbon footprint!

The average website’s energy consumption creates enough greenhouse gas to fill a monitor this large. That’s 3,246 cubic of atmospheric Greenhouse gas.

There are almost 1.5 billion websites on-line. Let’s get a handle on the total carbon footprint of them all.

This is the Khalifa Tower in Dubai. It is the tallest man-made structure in the world at a height of over 2,700 feet. The building occupies a volume of roughly 61 million cubic feet.

Using that building as a yard stick, lets look at the total greenhouse gas emissions of 3rd party host data centers.

Globally, 3rd party data centers consume 230,000 gigawat hours of energy, producing 159 megatonnes of greenhouse gas – equal to over 3 trillion cubic feet.

That is a volume of atmosphere that would fill a computer tower nearly 4 miles high.

If we were to calculate the full greenhouse gas impact of the internet, including user PC’s and access networks and equipment, the total impact is nearly 4 times as large – filling a volume of atmosphere over 6 miles wide and nearly 4 miles high and 4 miles deep.

Those man-made emissions occur annually – and will remain in the atmosphere….for a century.

The total annual man-made greenhouse gas emissions are over 62 times this volume.

Until we operate completely on renewable energy, we have more work to do. It is time for us to make change personal.

There’s good news!

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Video compilation by Ted Redmond.

Kahlifa tower photo: The_Dead_Pixel via Flickr.

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Total global power consumption: