Power Efficiency Guide Review - Don't buy it until you see this.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Don’t buy it until you see this.

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“Power Efficiency Guide” – power efficiency guide review – is it scam?

What is Power Efficiency Guide?
It’s easy to write off the idea of building your own energy source for fear that it’ll be too expensive or too difficult, and sure, most are! After all, you need a degree to be able to build or design windmills, solar panels, water dams, generators, etc.

However, you don’t need a degree when everything is broken down for you in step-by-step instructions, pictures, diagrams, lists and more. Yes, that’s exactly what the guide is.

This online program is complete with the exact steps needed to build your own energy source – and one that won’t break the bank or put your family in danger. It’s all based on the spinning principle that is used to power electric cars today – the exact same principle that can be found in nature. Essentially, it’s using a multiplication rule that takes a small amount of energy and multiplies it with the spinning principle.

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Who is the Creator of Power Efficiency Guide?
56 year old geography teacher Mark Edwards created his home-power system after his family was left cold and powerless following an unexpected flood.

He set out to create a power method that was cheap, easy to obtain (or build), easy to move and could use a constant source of power to create energy – meaning no dependency on sun, gas or wind.

He now uses this power source to drastically cut electricity bills and keep his family safe in times of crisis.

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1. Please share this presentation with others who would like to become self-sufficient and save money on their energy bills
2.Do NOT wrecklessly spend all the extra money saved from reduced energy bills. Try to invest it wisely to look after family members and prepare for possible emergencies in the future.
3. This presentation is ONLY being made available for a short time frame and will be REMOVED in the near future if Mark comes under too much pressure from big energy companies, if you can not follow the rules above, please CLOSE THIS WINDOW IMMEDIATELY to free up your slot for the next person in line.

Brief Overview of the Power Efficiency Guide
The Power Efficiency Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on creating your own energy source. It comes with a list of all the materials you need, the steps to complete, the tools required, and much more to ensure that everyone is able to save some money and electricity while also having the ability to save some lives in the case of an emergency.

To show you how the program breaks down the different steps, here’s a sneak peek at the topics covered and the sections you’ll gradually work through as you start building your own energy source:

– Introduction
– List of Components
– DC Motor 12-volt
– Gears with Sprocket Chains
– Flywheel
– Rotors
– Alternator
– The Generator
– The Switch
– The Inverter
– Battery
– Conclusion
– List of Tools

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