PowerFilm Portable Solar Panel Grid Down Communications

PowerFilm Portable Solar Panel Grid Down Communications

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In this video, we will have a very close look at the PowerFilm F15-1200 Solar panel,  then field-test it along with the DIY 10Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack. Finally, we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of the PowerFilm panels over other variants, and give you some tips on getting the most out of this lightweight portable panel.

Portable solar panels can be used for communications, recharging lights or headlamps, recharging your mobi9le ohone or tablet, self reliance, emergency off grid power and much more. Choosing a thin film flexible panel reduces the weight of your gear loadout, and prevents battery powered devices from becoming boat anchors when their batteres are dead.

Since this video, I have purchased a second FM16-1200 20 watt solar panel. I am using both panels to feed a Genesun charge controller, and LiFePO4 battery pack I build on the channel. Thid id my primary portable power and solar generator for the Yaesu FT-817 Ham Radio Go Kit.
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 In the third video in this series, we will build a 5Ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack based on A123 cells. That fact will be especially interesting for the SOTA operators, qrp campers & hikers, looking for a lightweight renewable power source for the summit or the trail.

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