PowerFilm Solar & Raspberry Pi Off Grid Ham Radio Station OH8STN

PowerFilm Solar & Raspberry Pi Off Grid Ham Radio Station OH8STN

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Hello Operators
Topic of the day is off grid solar and battery power for ham radio and our Raspberry Pi.
During March 2018 I took a short trip to 66 degrees North to field test the solar powered ham radio field station. I had the 120 watt PowerFilm Solar panel, the Yaesu FT-891, and a Raspberry Pi running FT8 with WSJT-X and FLDigi, all running on a Raspberry Pi. The entire amateur radio station ran off grid for the 2 day excursion, completely powering itself, despite operating QRO, which I don’t normally do out in the field. I suppose the goal was to finally throw caution to the wind, just getting out there to see what happens.

In this video we discuss off grid, man portable and pack-able go box. We also discuss the PowerFilm FM16-7200 120 watt folding solar panel as part of my ham radio go kit, measuring its performance and ability to power the field station for days at a time. Finally, we discuss integration of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ into the field station, and how we integrate it into the stations portable power.

Julian oh8stn

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– Raspberry Pi
– HF Station in an ammo can
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