Recommended Prefliteration Before Feeding To Biogas Plant by Amrit Fertilizer

Recommended Prefliteration Before Feeding To Biogas Plant by Amrit Fertilizer

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Amrit fertilizer a solid & liquied waste managemant cum technical expert in biogas plants in india

“By introducing bio-gas as fuel for industrial use and to power with fossil-free fuel for eco-friendly environment, as we all know that While natural gas is a fossil fuel, Bio-gas is a renewable form of energy produced from agricultural and food waste”
We have biogas demo in our karnal unit successfully maintained from last four years with a capacity upto 3200 cubic meter by using mainly cow dung as well as waste patatos, agri waste, vegetable market waste etc approx 30000 kg and waste water from village 30000 liters daily converting poooo into pooooower and generating renewable energy approx 2000 electric unit or 1.9 MW per day, also using in cooking gas and termal application for annealing purposes, our BIOGAS PLANT selected as success story at National Level ( under Gobar-dhan Yojana lauched by our prime minister Narendra Modi)

☆WASTE to wealth
☆Organic manure to productive farming
☆Clean energy
☆Reduce land fill
☆Protect ozone layer from harmful gases

We reduce tonnes of carbon footprint co2 , also reduce methane, sulphur and four to five harmful gases from air

“What others see as a problem, we see as a resource and a solution,” the company’s Technical Expert Aditya Aggarwal

“People using milk as white gold, we are using ciw dung as green gold”♡ the company’s CEO Naval Kishore Aggarwal

Amrit Fertilizer
Near basanti colony
Village kunjpura – 132022
Distt, Karnal , Haryana, INDIA
E.mail : [email protected]
Contact us :
Amit aggarwal +00919468000222
(Marketing Head)
Aditya aggarwal +00919468000333
(Technical Expert)

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