Recycling For Art Supplies. Money Saving Tips.

Recycling For Art Supplies. Money Saving Tips.

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Recycling for Art. Environmentally Friendly Art wash up. Fluid pour art wash and clean up. Protecting plumbing and drains from acrylic paint.
Recycling things you already buy for the kitchen, home and eating out for use in the art studio. I show you how to clean and wash cups and stir sticks for fluid pouring art in an environmentally friendly way. I show you how to avoid washing acrylic paint down the household drain.
Washing paint down the drain can clog your pipes and ruin your plumbing. It is also bad for our water system. Washing paint in the sink can leave residue in the sink and ruin it over time. Learn how to wash up without ruining your plumbing.

Note: this is for stir sticks only and paint cups only. I will be posting a video soon on how to clean paint brushes without washing them in the sink.

I talk briefly about using the paint from the wash up in mixed media. Look for an upcoming video on this mixed media project.


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Links to studio supplies.
Cookie cooling rack 2 pack
Mini cooling rack 6 pack
Nitrile Gloves
Vinyl extra long Gloves

Room air purifier
Tabletop air purifier

activated charcoal

I am not responsible for how you use resin, paint, mediums or additives. Please always use proper safety when working in art. Have a fire extinguisher on hand; work in a well ventilated area; use a face mask or full-face respirator; wear safety glasses and always follow the manufacturer’s directions on products you are using.

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