SkyWay Presentation

SkyWay Presentation

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SkyWay String Transport – affordable and efficient systems for cargo and passenger transportation. Full-scale prototypes of tracks and rolling stock are implemented and certified in the town Maryina Gorka, Republic of Belarus. The development vector is at first the UAE, where it is planned to begin construction within the framework of a commercial project already in autumn 2018, then – the entire world.

SkyWay String Transport is designed to change forever the conception of speed, comfort and safety on the roads. These systems are superior to all the known types of ropeways and monorails, whereas they have all their advantages that allow to ride above the ground at speeds of up to 500 km/h. In terms of performance efficiency SkyWay is not inferior to metro and railway; by construction cost it is comparable to an average highway, while it has no analogues by energy efficiency. Lightweight and slender composite structures fit harmoniously both into urban and natural environment. They do not shade the sky and do not take in land opening up new spaces and opportunities in mobility to man.

SkyWay is just the transport from books and films about the future implemented in the present. Reality about the best.

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