SOMESH PATIL (eco friendly Waste papermash Ganapati devloper /2018)

SOMESH PATIL (eco friendly Waste papermash Ganapati devloper /2018)

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Directions:- somesh patil.

producer :-Somesh Patil.

video editing: -Somesh Patil.

special background music setting:- by Somesh Patil.

this Eco Friendly Ganpati it’s totally eco friendly no chemical no other colour used.only waste newspaper use this Ganpati developed time 1 month it’s very hard and difficult condition create by:– Somesh Patil.

golden look disigning somesh patil.

visual effect:-Somesh Patil.

finishing decorate use by branded HD valwet colour’s paper’s use.

This Eco Friendly Ganesha in the print and electronic media popular.
This video is original very secure no others music copy.
Special thanks:- all print media and television news channels.

Special offer and special promoting partner:-

Special thanks:-
Special thanks:-

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