Speech of Policy

Speech of Policy

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Title: The Impact of Wind Energy in Nebraska
Topic: Wind Energy in Nebraska
Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade the audience that wind energy in Nebraska is beneficial and show them what needs to happen to prevent energy failures.
Thesis Statement: Due to the little wind other states face, wind energy is not used throughout all states.

Introduction: As a kid, while taking long road trips sometimes you would just stare out the window hoping time would fly by as you were traveling somewhere in Nebraska. You may recall seeing those huge white pillars spinning, almost looking like a huge fan. You may have questioned your mom or your dad wondering what these huge white “fans” were. They may have told you a simple answer such as they are a Wind Turbine used to create energy. One of the many ways Nebraskan’s get their energy is through the wind. The safer way to produce energy, how wind energy positively affects Nebraska and the overall benefits of wind turbines prove that getting energy through wind is a great resource.
I. Need: Wind energy needs to be used more
A. Global Warming- rise in overall temp. in the earth’s atmosphere
1. From the burning of fossil fuels (Annamalai, K., Thanapal, S. S., & Ranjan, D)
a. Significant amount of energy needs
b. Use more fossil fuels
i. Leads to greenhouse effect (Perera, F. P.)
ii. a law should be put in place to control the efforts of fossil fuels

B. Wind Energy pros
1. No harmful effects on the environment (Krim, Y., Krim, S., & Mimouni, M. F.)
a. gives the future of energy nothing to worry about
b. most inexpensive form
2. Uses less resources
a. we have wind no matter what
The need of wind energy proves that we need a plan to use more wind energy and less fossil fuels.
II. Plan: Use less fossil fuels
A. Law to reduce fossil fuel usage
1. Bad for our environment
a. Pollute air -Global warming(United Health Foundation)
b. Emit toxins
2. Nonrenewable source
a. Do not want to use up a precious source
i. Someday we may need them
b. Chemically harmful
B. Get the news out
1. How beneficial wind energy is
a. uses no harmful substances
b. works for free
2. How wind energy has affected Nebraska
a. 1 wind turbine (Calzoni, 1993)
i. $48,000 to install
ii. Rarely ever needs repaired
This plan brings people to a new realization on how we get out energy.
III. Visualization: Wind energy
1. Nebraska Ranked in the nation 4th (Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)
a. Wind energy resources
b. 6.94% is Nebraska’s consumption of energy
(Graph)- (United Health Foundation)
2. Wind Farm
a. range from a few to 100(Karakasis, N. E., & Mademlis, C. A.)
i. depends on the farm
b. possibly generates up to 1,000 homes

Conclusion: Wind energy can be used to benefit lots of people. One of the many reasons we should take advantage of wind energy, is because there are little to no harmful effects to using wind turbines. As your next road trip approaches, and you notice those huge, white pillars, you know that wind turbines are a vital for humans. Wind energy is a great piece of technology that will forever benefit us humans. To learn more about wind energy, you can visit any one of your local wind farms.


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