The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia PT4

The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia PT4

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This is the fourth video on the solar panel installation. If you missed the first videos, please start here:
Part 1

The final segment of the solar panel installation on a home in Australia involved tidying up the wires, adding a cigarette lighter socket, testing a fridge on the system and adding a fuse and switch to the solar panel input side of the system.

I drilled a large hole in the side of the box to allow a surge strip to be plugged into the power inverter. Then I added a cigarette lighter socket to the outside of the box and wired that into the power terminals.

The cigarette lighter socket is fused through the same switch the inverter is connected to. There is now a master cutoff switch and fuse for the load devices.

When the cigarette lighter socket was wired up I tested it with a 12 volt utility light and it worked fine. Next I plugged in the 3 way fridge for a while to see if it was working.

The next step was to finish wiring up the fuse and switch on the solar panel input side of the charge controller. I connected the fuse to the charge controller solar panel positive input lead and then connected the other end of the fuse to the cutoff switch. Thee other side of the cutoff switch was connected to the solar panel wire.

Now the solar panels can be disconnected fully from the system with the flip of a switch. This is the best way to set up your system for safety if you want to work on the wiring.

The solar panels should ALWAYS be disconnected from the charge controller first before you begin any work on the system.

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