Whole House Fan Reviews: Overview, Install & Energy-Savings Analysis

Whole House Fan Reviews: Overview, Install & Energy-Savings Analysis

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A Whole House Fan is installed in the ceiling of your home and sucks up the air inside (like a vacuum cleaner) and blows it into the attic. This creates a negative pressure inside the living area and draws cooler outside air through open windows or doors. You can literally feel a draft as the air moves in your home creating a lower chill temperature.

This video shows the set up of several QuietCool Cooling Fan Systems, the use of timers to operate them independently and Whole House Fan Installation in the attic.

The State of California recently approved a measure that new residential construction needs to include Whole House Fans, because it cools homes and attics with evening air reducing the need for air conditioning load. Homeowner will experience considerable savings on their monthly electricity bill.

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